Sunday, September 27, 2009

A leaf from my Oak tree......

I am in Mumbai for the last two days.  Coming home is always been a mixed bag of emotions.  Initially therewere complains about traffic, corruption and what not...  I usually don't dwell too much of my time in "oh  how difficult it is to come back and live in this mess?", "how  can you live in such conditions?..".  I guess I need to complain anyway's. After all mixed bag of emotions, there is biggest respite that this place is you and your very being.  This place is where your life began, the place where your family lives and your friends are always there with open arms to pick up threads of life from where you last left them.  No questions asked no mention of distance and the length of time we have not seen each other.  Friends who have been there during thick and thin .  Life picks up from the very time you left them the last time.  Things you belive that you have read in books and are not true. 

Every trip to my city has been a journey of accepting and  adjusting to change. Change which your being does not easily accept, seeing your parents age and coping with pangs of growing old.  I used to feel defeated seeing them grow old and coping and accepting old age. 

In the last few trips I seen my Ma grow old and stronger.  She is close to 80 years and has had a relatively a rough life. She has had her share of emotional and physical suffering.She has fallen in various places, in the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, etc. Has had broken bones and injured nose and bruised eyes.  But every time she surprises me by standing tall  without any assistance.  She is back on her feet and is ready to take the world with her will tocarry herself with dignity ( and sometime with dangerous consequences). Standing tall without taking anyones support and sympathy. She revives my hope and inspires me to stand tall aganist all odds.

Maa Tujhe Salaam.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Call to Honour....

I just love reading books. Since the last few years I have moved towards Indian authors and towards books which define the Middle East and India.  Books that define the way of life in the Middle East and the Asia.  I prefer reading non fiction and indian fiction.  It is not clear as to when I moved to the Asian literature and mainly Indian books.  I wan't aware that there were so many books of  Middle East and Indian origin.  I am a slow reader.  As I like internalising what I read.  The pace is slow... so many books to read.
I have been reading "Call to Honour" by Jaswant Singh.   The content is good as it does cover my political believes and that form the very strength of my being. 
It did clear some of cobwebs' from my past.  I have a firm dislike of poltitical parties which are religious based. Religion for me is what you practise at home and is me.  I don't think a political party is to be given a power to define my religious beliefs.  Therefore have never advocated political parties which do so.  Therefore have built a dislike towards parties such as RSS, BJP and Shiv Sena.  I have no tolerance towards any person, party or a religious organisation tell us what to do and how to conduct ourselves.  I have not given this authority to anyone and surely to any political party to decide as to how I should conduct myself.  Therefore dislike for BJP..  Reading Jaswant Singh's novel made a few things clear that everything is not always black and white. It is always easy to generalize and classify into good or bad.  The book is very clear that Jaswant's beliefs are not based on religious beliefs'.   There is a new respect for Jaswant Singh... that everything does not equate to Hinduism.   He is as secular as I pride my self to be...  You learn and you grow everyday.  Today was a day I learnt a important lesson. ... You live and you grow..everyday.